A UK National Strategy for the Next Generations

Thank you for your interest in the National Strategy for Next Generations programme. The survey closed for submissions on 13 September.
We are in the process of analysing the data and will be submitting a final paper based on the findings to UK government. A public-facing output will also be shared back with participants.
The survey is just one part of a wider programme that is exploring a National Strategy for Next Generations. We are currently running public-facing initatives including a series of Policy Kitchen workshops with Agora and a "format test" Citizens Assesmbly with the Democratic Society.
If you'd like to stay in touch with the programme or to find out more please visit this page and send us a message.

The survey was seeking to understand perspectives and opinions to help inform what a future UK national strategy should and could look like.

The ambition was to discover more about the views of people across the UK on the UK’s future role in the world. In particular, views of groups whose voices are typically less-heard on issues of national strategy (or the UK’s work overseas), including young people.

From the responses, we are drawing out common themes and include these (as well as any strong ideas or quotes that you give us) for a report that goes to the UK Government, Members of Parliament and other advocacy groups. An interim submission was made earlier this year in August. The final paper is due in September.

Participants were able to choose to keep their name and details fully anonymous, or to opt-in to have their name and affiliation added to a list of respondents.

Read on for more about the programme, what happens next, and how you can get involved.

The National Strategy for the Next Generations (NSxNG) programme was launched in May 2020. It is being delivered by a coalition of partner organisations, led by the SOIF (the School of International Futures), who believe that we need to do national strategy differently and better - and that 2020 is a critical turning-point for our the UK's future global orientation.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, we can no longer wait to break open our outdated national strategy-making processes. Instead of setting the country’s future direction behind closed doors at the heart of Government, we need to make space for citizens’ views and younger voices. To give the next generations a central role in shaping the UK's country’s future role in the world.

The NSxNG approach to making strategy better involves three specific strands:

  • bringing in public participation (the views of the UK public) to issues of national strategy and the UK’s role overseas
  • better understanding the varied impacts of UK’s complex global past (and learning lessons from history)
  • taking a structured approach to exploring the UK's potential future context and position on the world stage, and what the implications are for the UK’s policy choices.

The survey is being run now to help generate a set of insights in time to influence this years' Integrated Review. However, this is only a first step in a wider pilot programme that will be running in 2020, and an ongoing programme that is planned through 2021 and beyond.

This survey will be followed by a short series of workshops in September 2020, drawing on the findings.

As part of the pilot, we and our delivery partners will be running participative outreach including through a test Citizens’ Assembly to explore in more depth public views on the UK’s future role in the world.

The findings from the pilot will inform recommendations and findings that we will submit this autumn to the UK Government. These papers will also be made public, and shared with targeted groups who are influential on government and on national strategy issues (such as MPs, civil society groups and the media).

You can register to find out more about the programme, or join the coalition – a broad grouping of organisations and individuals supportive of this approach to national strategy, at nextgenstrategy.org